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Reports for Gender Recognition Certificate Applications


Below you will find the information for applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC).

Name Change by Deed Poll, Passport Changes, and Gender Recognition Certificates

Changing your gender status on a passport or obtaining a UK Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) usually requires a name change by Deed Poll and a report from a recognised Gender Specialist (i.e., two letters are required for a GRC).


Please note that the decision to issue the name/gender change in a passport or on a GRC resides with the Passport Office or the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) and depends on qualifying criteria and completeness of the application. Please read application guidelines carefully before requesting a consultation. 


Name & Gender Marker Change in a UK passport


Applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate


Name change by Statutory Declaration or by Deed Poll does not require specialist input and can be done rather easily by anyone. 

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