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Reports for Name / Gender Marker Change in Passports

Image by Agus Dietrich

Below you will find the information you need about changing your name or gender marker on your passport, and how we can help to support this.

Name Change by Deed Poll, Passport Changes, and Gender Recognition Certificates

Changing your gender status on a passport or obtaining a UK gender recognition certificate (GRC) usually requires a name change by deed poll and a report from a recognised gender specialist (two letters for a GRC).


Please note that the decision to issue the name/gender change in a passport or on a GRC resides with the Passport Office or the Gender Recognition Panel (GRP) and depends on qualifying criteria and completeness of the application. Please read application guidelines carefully before requesting a consultation. 


Name & Gender Marker Change in a UK passport


Applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate


Name change by Statutory Declaration or by Deed Poll does not require specialist input and can be done rather easily by anyone. 

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